Pacific Gymnastics
215 B Railroad Avenue Hilo, Hawaii 96720 
Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our classes and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to or call us at (808)934-0642.


Where are you located?

We are located on Railroad Avenue, across the street from the newly built Target and Safeway.  We are directly behind Bacon Universal in a row of warehouses, our warehouse is painted green.  Or if you are coming from Puna side to Hilo, we are on the right hand side off of Railroad Avenue, turn in at Bacon Universal and go past the gate, take a left and we are at the end of the warehouses.  Our address is 215 B Railroad Avenue Hilo, Hawaii 96720.


What does my child need to wear?

Boys can wear soft shorts and a t-shirt or tank top tucked in.  Girls need to come with their hair up and can wear anything from a tank top and soft shorts or a leotard.  We do have leotards available for purchase at the gym.  If you have a particular leotard you would like to order, please let us know.


Do I need to stay for my child's class?

No you do not need to stay for your child's class.  We do offer a viewing area for parents, but it is not required that you stay.  We do ask that you pick up your child on time, however.  After the first 5 minutes there is a fee for children left.


When will my child move up a level?

That is entirely up to the child and their individual progression, while some children take to gymnastics like a fish to water, some take a little extra time to get their required skills to move to the next level.  The coaches will determine when your child is ready to advance to the next level.


How do I pay?

We accept cash or check, checks made out to Pacific Gymnastics.  First class is $10, we appreciate exact change.  If you would like to register your child, the prorated amount for your first month is $12/class with your membership fee.  For example, if there are 2 classes left in the month you would pay $24 for the month.  Your child will have a payment envelope made to collect monthly tuition, during the first week of the month please put your tuition payment in the envelope and place in the tuition box.


May I leave my other children at the gym?

Pacific gymnastics loves children, however, we are not able to give sufficient monitoring to children that are left unattended.  We will not allow unattended children to be left at the gym who are under the age of 14.  We are liable for everyone who comes on to our property and we do not want anything to happen to your child.  We are in a closed parking lot, but there are many risks for young children left unattended.